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How to chose a glass for your picture

How to chose a glass for your picture

Loads has been written about the different types of glass used in picture framing. Every framer’s blog has an entry in this subject. This is what we have to say about it.

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We can bore you to death with the details of all the fantastic properties that the different kind of glasses have, but we don’t want to do that. So, we will leave you here a very simple graphic of what to expect on the different qualities. But basically, this is what it shows:

There are four properties that we can add to the glass when it comes to quality. The more of these properties you add to your glass, the better the quality.

UV Protection – Anti Reflection – Shatter Resistance – Clarity

Now, based in on what the artwork is, its value and its value to you, where is going to be hanged (light exposure or risk of vandalising) and how much detail the artwork needs to be fully enjoy it, are critical when choosing what is right for your picture.

Value – Light – Risk location – Detail

Every picture has a story behind it and at Right Angles, we are always ego to know a bit more about the artwork that our customers bring us. It helps us to assets better what it needs to be done and allow us to give better advice on how to preserve and display the piece on hand.

conservation v museum quality glass


  • If you are not very attached to your artwork, it is only purchased to fill the space on your wall, you are not worry of light fading the image or you have a tight budget, we will advice you to have Standard Glass.
  • Now days technology has move on and is no need for that old greet matt glass used before to stop the refection on your pictures. If you concern is just that is going to be hang on a place with a lot of light and it is very likely that the light, will spoil the appreciation of the work; we will recommend a totally clear Non-Reflecting Glass.
  • For those important pieces that has a substantial economical or emotional value, and are going to be in a very sunny room or even exposed to direct light, choose no less than the 99% UV protection of the Conservation Glass.
  • Sometimes, important artwork is display for private or public enjoyment. In many cases the work is going to be expose to natural or artificial lighting which might damage and reflect on the glass of the picture. If the budget is not a mayor issue an in order to avoid these problems and have a full appreciation of this important piece, the only valid choice will be 99% UV protection, non-reflective Museum Quality Glass.

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Whatever the kind of work, your requirement and budget, come over to our picture framing shops in Potts Point or Bondi Junction and we will help you to choose just what is right for you.