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A modern classic - Wedge Frames

A modern classic - Wedge Frames

Wedge frames have been around our pictures almost from the very beginning.They have being reinventing themselves as complements to other frames but now they are taking Central stage on the picture framing industry.

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It is always about the image, isn’t? We all agree on that. And this is exactly what a WEDGE frame does. This kind of molding can be as tall as they like and still keep, literally a low profile, giving the right importance to the picture.

Before the creation of mount board, Wedge frames were first design to work as a slip between the artwork and the frame; giving the painting some breading ground, before the frame takes over the showing space. They are used still with this porpoise, but they have developed to become propper frames on its on rights.


They help the picture to show their full potential without distracting at all the view of the observer. In fact, when the angle of the wedge is very little and the shoulder of the frame is very tall, it creates a very delicate box to enjoy what the artwork has to offer. Used with mounts or without, this kind of frames are easy to live with for very long time, as they are pretty timeless.


Now days at our picture framing stores in Bondi and Potts Point, we present a whole range of these frames from various picture framing suppliers. All of them different, one way or another. Textured, manmade veneered, metal foiled, natural timbers, gilded… They all give the room a the feeling that the picture needs to do their own talking.