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Conservation Framing

What is conservation framing?

Conservation framing refers to the techniques and materials which are used to safely encase and preserve an artwork in such a way so that the condition remains unchanged.

Works of art hold a significant value to each individual, be it monetary, sentimental, historical or emotional. Ultimately, investing in this method of framing will not only enhance and protect but will allow enjoyment of the work for years to come.

Our Conservation Framing

Matboard or Mountboard

It is important to prevent the surface of the artwork or object from coming into contact with the glazing. This is done either by using window mount which supports the edges of the paper or by using "spacers" to float-mount artworks on paper. In either case we recommend to use 100% museum cotton rag or conservation alpha cellulose mount boards.

Picture Mounting

For artworks on paper we only use Lineco ® Japanese hinging tissue on the verso of the work in a "T-Bar" configuration, this allows for expansion and contraction of the artwork. The long fibres of the natural tissue are strong and invisible when applied. These methods do not involve the use of adhesives which would yellow and otherwise cause damage to the artwork.

An alternative to hinging, Corner pockets can be used for photographic works which are being window mounted. Made from Mylar (archival polyester) they attached on each corner of the work with enough room to allow for expansion of the paper.

Picture Glazing

We offer two choices of glass products which meet conservation framing standards:

Museum ® Glass and Conservation Clear ® Glass. Tru Vue ® offers glazing products specifically developed to meet conservation standards. Tru Vue Conservation Grade® glass products provide up to 99% UV blocking capabilities and surpass the 97% UV standard (According to Institute guidelines from the International for Standardization, ISO 18902, recommend using glazing that blocks at least 97% of UV energy.)

To safely frame oversize artworks (larger than 40" x 60") we recommend using Plexiglass Gallery® UV 100 which is available in 3mm thickness and is equivalent to half the weight of 2.5mm glass.

Frame Backing

An equally important factor is the sealing and backing of the frame, it needs to be strong but also lightweight. Q Foamboard is made from high-density polystyrene and has a solid core. Each side of the board is covered with pH neutral matte surface papers.

Rinrei Japanese tapes are used to seal the back of each frame and protect the internal space from insects, dust, moisture and pollutants.