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At Right Angles Picture Framing we are happy to inform you of the differences in glazing and recommend the best option. We are proud to offer the latest in design, along with explanations.

Our Glazing Options

Choosing glass needn't be complicated. Consider how much natural light is in the room. Will there be any direct light on the artwork? Is it opposite a window? Perhaps you prefer the look of one over the other. We use the following types of glass and acrylic:

Museum Glass

99 % UV protection, amazing clarity and ultimate picture protection. This glass as well as museum acrylic, is used in the finest galleries across the world.

Conservation Clear

99% UV protection to prevent your artwork fading.

Art Glass

Reveals true colours and texture of the art. This may be a more affordable option than museum glass, with many similar features, for example, scratch resistance. "Non reflective" glass that is etched on one or both sides can be ordered in at special request, however, we prefer art glass because it doesn't look hazy.

Plexi Glass/Shinkolite

UV Protection for 30 years. This acrylic is non yellowing and safer than glass. It is shatterproof and absorbs heavy impact.

Optimum Museum Acrylic (SPECAIL ORDER ONLY)

99 % UV protection, virtually invisible with anti-reflective coating. Acrylic may be needed for safety reasons, e.g. when shipping artwork overseas, for displays in a pub or child's room or for extra large works.


2mm Float

Clear, standard picture frame glass. Will protect the work from dust, excessive moisture and insects.

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