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Mount Cutting

Computerised Mount Cutting

Mat boards used at Right Angles Picture Framing have a crisp, white core and are acid free (this varies from a pH level of 7.5 to 9.5 depending on the range). Colours are laminated with specially formulated adhesive that is non-plasticised and archival (authentic materials are used during manufacture, such as natural cotton fibres).

Aesthetically speaking, adding a mat or two around an art piece gives balance and proportion to the framed work as a whole. Sometimes it can be a mistake to squash an artwork into a frame. Display flair and originality with a flash of an exotic mat, such as metallic pearl. Set a new trend with textured surrounds, available in a silk or weaved finish, for example.

For another alternative, yet equally adventurous, introduce decorative corners. A sample can easily be created to assist visualisation. Gothic notches, arches or swirls; v-grooves and shaped motifs including letters are other options. Ask about black core which defines a window with streamlined elegance. We also cut 4mm mat boards for a slightly more solid appearance.

Collages or multi-openings are another mat cutting technique in which we specialise. Ovals, circles, triple mats? Tilted squares or diamond apertures? Certainly! Bring all your snapshots and we will happily do all the measuring and suggest layouts. Visit one of our stores at Bondi Junction or Potts Point for a free quote today.