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Sporting Memorabilia

Framing Your Sporting Memorabilia

Looking to get your favourite sporting memorabilia framed so you can display its greatness on the wall, come to Sydney's premier custom framers for sporting display with style.

Golf balls, cricket bats, jerseys, medals. T-shirts, CDs, tickets and records. Ballet shoes, casino chips, fishing lures, jockey silks. Shells, necklaces, wedding tapestries and bouquets. "Why frame them?", you might ask. Our team of framers give professional advice and inspiration, tailor-made to the millimetre. Come to Right Angles Picture Framing, Sydney's premier custom framers, for sporting display with style.

We offer a broad range while recommending the best in preservative materials to save your prized memorabilia from deterioration. All work is reversible, thereby retaining the value in a signed jersey, for example. We don't cut or staple. We use acid free products. UV filters within the glass prevent signatures from fading. Enjoy the memories for a lifetime!

Impress your pool room guests. Inspire younger family members. Display 3D objects with a quirky layout. You might select a collage with triple matting. Add extra photos, ovals and plaques to enhance or contrast the finished piece. Tell your story; create a piece of history, while adding personal touches and character to your walls. Highlight that amazing score card or achievement with unique textures and tones. Display the latest modern trend or break away from it and create your own! Pop in for a free quote today. We're here to serve with a smile, 7 days a week.

Sport Jersey Framing

When framing sport jerseys (football, rugby, basketball, soccer, along with countless other 3D objects) we bring a combination of more than 40 years experience.  We provide lasting quality combined with unique design ideas to transform your jersey into an art piece.  In our careers we've framed hundreds of sport jerseys for individuals as well as corporations;  all the Newcastle Knights and Jets sponsors for example (in two weeks!!)  Production lines are available for fast turnaround of identical bulk items.  And most importantly the quality will remain

We take pride in our ability to display your jersey in pristine condition.  Our techniques ensure the value is retained.  You will be able to remove from the frame in future if desired, as though the object has never been framed.  Specialist jobs are available on request, such as hinging or varnishing.

Come to Right Angles Picture Framing, Sydney's widest range of custom frames and mat boards.  We will ensure your sports jersey looks spectacular and individual.  Your frame will come ready to hang, or have it delivered so you can hang the artwork as soon as required.  Come and speak to us at Bondi or Potts Point for a free quote today.