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We have one of the largest custom framing ranges in Sydney and pride ourselves on exceptional service and craftsmanship. This makes us a premium choice for those that are looking for quality individual frame design.

Right Angles Picture Framing considers the holistic approach to framing and the need of the artwork taking into consideration the space in which the work is to be displayed. Whether visiting one of our shops or having an on-site consultation, our service is tailored to you.

We work with a diverse collection of art and have a team of experienced design based frame makers that are happy to help you on the best ways to present your artwork. We ensure that the design works for you in a practical sense as well as aesthetically, ensuring the end result is a stand out!

From archival mat boards to zinc coated fixtures and fittings we only use materials designed to last. For 35 years we have been refining our materials to provide clients with jaw-dropping, long lasting designs.

Our team here at Right Angles Picture Framing are experts in their field. With in-depth knowledge of framing materials and techniques the team constantly push themselves to develop new skills that will enhance clients framing experience.

Our Picture Frame Suppliers

  • Antons - It is a 100% Australian, family-owned company.
  • Aus Mouldings - Australian sydney based manufacturer.
  • Bellini Fine Mouldings - Hand made by the Italian masters.
  • Champtons - APM - Manufacturer making mouldings right here in Australia.
  • Megawood Larson Juhl - picture frame industry leading wholesale supplier
  • Partos Plus - Proudly Australian-owned company based in Heidelberg, Melbourne.

Many picture framing companies will only have one or two suppliers, we prefer a wide range of suppliers so we can give our customers the most choice to make their pictures unique.

Our Matboard Range Includes

  • Artique Soild Core - Conservation mat board is an alpha celluose.
  • Arqadia White Core -  Premium quality, crisp white core acid free alkaline buffered.
  • Bainbridge Fabrics and Textured Mats - alpha cellulose core and backing.
  • Novacore White Core - Buffered acid - free core and backing paper
  • Rising Museum Board - 2ply - 8ply 100% cotton avaliable in jumbo sizes.

Why use mat boards? Simply they protect artwork by spacing it away from the contact with the glass while providing decorative design and balance with the picture frame and artwork.

Our Glass Range Includes

  • Museum Glass - 99 % UV Protection Amazing Clarity Ultimate Picture Protection.
  • Conservation Clear -  99% UV Protection from your art fading.
  • Art Glass UV - Reveals true colors and texture of the art.
  • Plexi Glass - UV Protection 30 years non yellowing safer than glass
  • 2mm Float - Clear standard picture frame glass.
  • Optium Museum Acrylic - 99 % UV Protection virtually invisible anti-reflective coating. (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)

Why use quality picture frame glass? They protect artwork from sunlight damage and some appear all most invisible.

Our Backing Range Includes

  • Foam Core - FoamCore is a material on which is used widely for mounting photos and prints.
  • Gataboard - smooth faced and very light-weight and surprisingly strong and non-warping.
  • Kappaboard -  Perfect flatness - even with thin boards for high gloss photos and prints
  • Alupanel - very high resistance to weathering and corrosion ideal for photos.

Why use quality materials on the back? Because you many only look at the front of the picture on the wall but a quality back will insure the quality on the front will last.

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